Los Angeles based Experimental pop songwriter, producer Surrija is best known for creating fresh, distinct music garnering a quite loyal fanbase. The multi faceted artist previously known as Jane Lui recently released her latest single, “Nothing Love”, ahead of her much awaited forthcoming self titled debut album release under her new artist moniker.

The first single of the album does not disappoint. It is a spellbinding experience with a thumping electro pop soundscape and soft vocals. “Nothing Love” weaves through uncharted music experimentations, highlighting her deep songwriting style. The song begins simple then morphs into an complex bubble of music flavors, every note and sound brings a new element thrusting these honest emotions exposing a vulnerability that leaves you breathless.

Surrija setting a high standard for female artist/producers to fearlessly dive in unknown music territories while maintaining an intriguing aura in her own artistry. Surrija is surely to win her audiences with her exquisite musical skills and songwriting talents that require many repeated listens to fully gasp all the various interpretations of the song’s story.

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Photo Credit: Albert Chiang