The rising Alternative singer-songwriter and model, Ruben Pol recently dropped his classic black and white live music video for his celestial latest single, “Painting Mirrors ”.

The hypnotic experimental pop track tells the story about starting a new relationship while hiding the flawed pieces of yourself from your love interest.

Pol sings with a delicate aching from all unsettled emotions being hidden in the song’s story. “Painting Mirrors” music video is a haunting treat with a black and white treatment with close ups of Pol performing live. Pol is surely to win his audiences with his seasoned musical skills and intriguing songwriting talents.

We recently had a wonderful chat with Pol about his music origins, recording sessions for “Painting Mirrors” and the importance of capturing naked vulnerability in his music.

SR: What is your story?

RP: I am Ruben from The Netherlands and I have a massive heart for music. Ever since I was little I was busy with setting up little shows for my parents in which I would perform and dance. Complete with outfits and lighting. I was very much focused on playing instruments rather than singing at first.

Also, until I reached the age of about 18, I never thought I could do anything serious with music. This was partly influenced by the place I grew up in.
However, in 2015 I got scouted to become a (high) fashion model. This event truly opened my eyes to the creative industry and made me fall in love with it. I started traveling the world, living in the main fashion cities: Milan, Paris, London and New York and I met many incredible creatives who inspired me like never before.

After I started sharing recordings of myself playing guitar and singing, things slowly started rolling for me on the music side. After many hours in the studio and building my small but amazing team, I released my first song on June 1st 2018.

SR: What was the inspiration for your new single “Painting Mirrors”? What were the recording sessions like?

RP: This track is about finding love whilst struggling with yourself, whether it is anxiety, depression or anything else. The song describes how, whilst you know that you are mentally not ready to commit yourself to a relationship, you go for it anyway regardless of being naive and blinded for the harsh of knowing that there is a small chance for it to last…The main metaphor in the single, being ‘now I’m back to painting mirrors in my room’, describes in a literal way how we hide parts within ourselves that we don’t like or are not ready to acknowledge in a relationship. When painting over a mirror, you hide your own reflection for yourself.

I wrote the song together with my friend Brad Mair (who is an incredible songwriter) in his studio in the mesmerising hills above Barcelona, Spain. We wrote the track together in a couple of hours.. And recorded most of it the day after.

SR: What does this track mean to you?

RP: Struggling with myself and being in denial of certain truth are both things I have been through. Especially with love there comes such strong emotions and feelings that sometimes it can take over your rational thinking. It makes you blind and sometimes unable to protect yourself against certain outcomes, which in a weird way is beautiful to experience. It is insane how much another person can do to you.

I am very happy to have captured this in a song, which hopefully translates this tension of love pulling on one side and the harsh reality on the other, to anyone that listens to it.

SR: Was there a particular moment where you felt “Painting Mirrors” was a song you wanted to be officially release as a single?

RP: There was never a moment in which I thought “Painting Mirrors” was an album/EP song. I have always seen it as a single.

What made me extra sure about this is that I believe that sound of the track forms the perfect bridge between what I have brought out so far and what I am planning on releasing after this. My goal was to give the track a certain feeling of timelessness and make it as organic as possible whilst not completely departing from the sound of my first and latest EP; Infused Romance.

SR: Is there anything you would like your listeners would take away from listening to the track?

RP: As described in the song, I felt very lost and selfless. I hope that anyone who hears this track and is in a similar position finds some sort of comfort in being able to relate to what I am singing about. 

And of course I hope that the people who can’t relate just completely jam out to it!!

SR: What is next for you?

RP: A couple of days before releasing “Painting Mirrors” I had my first show in the iconic Paradiso in Amsterdam, which was absolutely insane.. At this point my main focus is on releasing and writing new music as well as rehearsing as much as I can for my next shows!

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Photo Credit: Kartel Music Group