Los Angeles pop artist, Elliot Jones, disrupts the music world with his first music video for dazzling single, “I’m In Love”.  The freshly released music video for “I’m in Love” finds the experimental pop singer at his most magnetic, using the color spectrum to convey the many sentiments found in the fearless song lyrics. The clip effortlessly swims in a Vintage 90s aesthetic current with multiple Jones gracefully striking a pose with different color long sleeve shirts representing the raw emotions of falling in love. The close ups of Jones are playful with plenty of eye flirtation including a scene stealing wink aimed at the camera.

The video takes us down memory lane to a relatable moment of having our first full blown crush experience, reminding us how iconically complex those feelings really are. The moments captured  seem to jump out at you, taking you on a vivid journey of unescapable confidence where carefree dancing is welcomed. In the end, the video  leaves you feeling stunned with a foggy mist of shimmering positive life perspective.

Jones continues to be unafraid to explore uncharted waters with his charismatic pop music and accompanying music visuals, creating hypnotic eye popping visual stories exploding with bold empowerment to embrace your feelings while looking fierce. Jones boldly pushes the music boundaries of standard pop dabbling with sounds and music textures that emit light creating pop melodies that will stick in your memories for days on end. Jones is a rising star bound to take the music to unseen roads while having the time of his life making it.

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