R&B Pop Sensation Ria Marie is flipping the pop upside down with her empowering new single titled “Better”, a Jazz laced pop/r&b track bound to inspire others to take back the reins of power and heal your heart from a difficult time such as a bad breakup.

Ria Marie describes the song as being “such a source of strength for me during a tough period in my life. Lyrically, it’s helped me close a chapter and has made me appreciate my circle of supportive friends even more. ‘Better’ has taught me that it’s ok to let go, have hope and know that you deserve to never settle in a relationship – or in life! I hope others feel that same empowerment I feel when they hear this.”

Armed with endless confidence Ria Marie takes on the challenge of breaking free, letting go and moving on with the perfect blend of vulnerability and fearlessness. “Better” is an surprising roller coaster ride filled with hidden twists and turns. Marie’s vocal range is powerful without being overwhelming, she takes us to her highest peaks and low registers on a blink of an eye.

Ria Marie is a rare artist who can paint her music canvases with undeniable emotive stories about her own life experiences while inspiring her listeners to believe there is light after dark times. With an intricate soundscape, gutsy song lyrics and vibrant vocal delivery, “Better” offers a savory taste of what the talented singer-songwriter has to offer. Ria Marie has an unescapable talent for storytelling, leaving her listeners intrigued to listen to what else she might have in store for them in the near future.

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