Alternative R&B artist, Easton, revealed another unseen artistic side of himself with a smoldering new single titled “Haunted” bound to warm up the lowest weather temperatures of the impending winter headed towards us. “Haunted” is the first taste of new music since Easton’s stunning summer single, “Marilyn”.

His latest offering is delightfully intense with a dash of sweet danger luring you inside Easton’s artistic world. The funky R&B track is the perfect balance of a confident song production and sentimental questioning in Easton’s vocals as he pleads with his lover to stop playing games with his heart.

The seductive track like the song’s story hard to get your mind away from it. It sinfully slithers around you into a sweaty embrace taking control of your mind and body offering plenty of temptations to give in to as the dirty beat sways your body movements to the inescapable rhythm.

Easton shines in the pulsating soundscape with his creamy variations of his vulnerable high notes burning through out the song production. “Haunted” is a track that demands one’s attention with its honest storytelling about a relatable messy love situation.

Easton continues to make waves with each new release as he fearlessly dives wholeheartedly into uncharted music territory.  As Easton continues to explore his many facets of his own brand of R&B, he will undoubtedly have fans enamoured with his adventurous approach to R&B music for many years to come.

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Main Photo Credit: Natalie Freeman