Elliot Jones ignites a spunky pop confetti explosion with new single, “i’m in love”. Jones leaves an everlasting impact to anyone who gets exposed to his music and his latest single is no exception. The track is an defying love revelation bop dripping with uninhibited swagger in Jones’ vocal delivery oozing out on each note being sung. Jones’ vocal range entrap your ears and immediately pulls you in the empathetic story of the lyrics. “i’m in love” is head bopping pop track about all overwhelming feelings when drowning in love.

Jones continues to blend a kaleidoscopic spectrum of music influences with a delightful dirty vocal distortion effect swimming around the sensational pop song production. The hypnotic track is steals your attention as it reaches its conclusion and leaves you aching for more. The song is deliciously catchy and takes his uncommon brand of Indie Pop to the next level.

Jones is unafraid to explore an unconventional music path where the unseen roads are filled with massive sparkling lakes of empowerment, revealing songwriting and innovative eye popping soundscapes. The future is looking infinite for the multi-facet artist who is determined to keep his listeners fascinated with every new single he releases.

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