Alternative R&B trio The Shadowboxers make their much awaited return from a year long hiatus to Northern California performing at the T-Mobile San Francisco signature series at their lovely two floor T-Mobile signature store located in the epicenter of tourist shopping mecca of downtown San Francisco, CA.

T-Mobile brings a dash of magic with their frequent bookings of free music events, aiming to provide their customers a worry free good time with amazing local food, games, raffles and live music. The two floor signature store is beautifully decorated with the T-Mobile signature colors, spectacular glamorous pink lighting all around the store. The intimate stage area is on the second floor surrounded by comfy gray sofas and white ottomans directly in front of the stage. By the start of the event, there was a tight knit group of fans surrounding the stage. The show area provided excellent views of the cozy stage.

Excitement built throughout the room as it neared showtime. When the Shadowboxers hit the stage, everyone in the room began dancing as the band began their energetic live set. The band kicked off their set with an acoustic intro leading into their single “Timezone”. The trio performed their best known singles such as “Last Summer”, “Build The Beat”, “Runaway” to their live debut of their hip swaying new single, “In The Dark”.

The Shadowboxers’ stage presence has evolved to a fine tuned charismatic dance daydream, each member shining with their individual talents seamlessly coming together as one powerful connection of sincere passion for music. The crowd of mostly new fans were left smitten by the time the band ended their set with their spiciest track, “Shadowboxer”.  The live rendition induces your hips to shake and clap your hands to the funky beat, an excellent finale to a magnificent show from The Shadowboxers.

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