Alternative singer-songwriter Devin Kennedy masterly captures a moment in time in his recently released EP titled “You & Me, That’s Enough”.  Listening to the EP you will get a picturesque emotional pop experience inducing imagery of a quiet, breezy day on a secluded beach enjoying the sounds of birds singing.  The EP is the perfect recipe to live in the moment providing a much needed break to catch your breath while listening to Kennedy’s dreamy falsetto romance your ears.

We recently had the opportunity to catch up with the LA based artist and spoke about his experience making the EP and what he hopes the project gives his listeners.

One of the most ingenious things about the new project is the meaning behind the title “You & Me, That’s Enough”, Kennedy shares the name comes from one of the tracks on the project, “You & Me, That’s Enough” is taken from my song “No Worries” off the EP. The full project is about genuinely connecting with other people, so that line summed it up perfectly for me. “

The tracks on the EP have it all, nostalgia, serene vacation vibes, silver linings of positivity and raw songwriting. Each one reveals a diverse artistic view of Kennedy. The understated Swoonworthy slow jam, “The Way It Goes,” kicks romance into high gear, exploring the delicate aspects of Kennedy’s vocals burning with aching vulnerability and making it a meaningful gorgeous track. Kennedy explains how the song gave him the opportunity to opening up further in his songwriting and vocal delivery, “The Way It Goes” is such an honest/raw song for me. I allowed myself to get really deep from a songwriting perspective, and really reflect on the ironies of my life. From a production/recording standpoint, I’m always just trying to serve the song. I felt The Way It Goes needed to be more raw than the other tracks on the EP.”

“Champagne For Two” paints an abstract music canvas emitting tranquility reminiscent of an Island vacation with undeniable California style elements capturing the calming almost zen like feeling being disconnected from everything, Kennedy aspired to make a track that would give his listeners a form of escapism, “I definitely wanted the track to feel very chill/California. From day I wrote it I knew the production would fall into that lane. I always want my music to able to take people away for a second, and hopefully make them feel something. For Champagne, if it puts you on an island vacation, then mission accomplished. “

The crisp music production soars to unseen experimental heights on the track titled “No Worries”. Kennedy admits the track holds a special place in his heart, making it his favorite track to record, “The progression of the song was so natural. It started as this super catchy guitar/vocal demo, and then almost Immediatly one of my co-producers Dan Burke had the idea to add a bossanova beat and it made the entire song.” Kennedy was excited to make the song distinctive sonically, “From a production standpoint, what I love about this EP the most is that each song is very minimal. If you muted one element it would change the entire song. Everything is essential in these tracks which is a dream for me as a producer. “

Kennedy aspires to making music an inviting a human connection. It is essential that every track is open to make a human connection whether it’s seeing it in a live performance or hearing it on your drive to work, “I try to envision the emotional impact over anything else. If I think listeners can connect to it, then it’s definitely a top-contender to be released.”

After a full listen of every song on the EP, your mind will be drowning in the carefree feeling reminding us to step back and enjoy moments with the people we love regardless of the ups and downs life throws at us, Kennedy hopes this project provides relief to anyone who needs it. “I’d love for them to be able to escape from the day-to-day. Take a few minutes, let go of the stress and just enjoy some quality time with the people you love. That’s what it’s all about. “

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Photo Credit: Matthew Peters