BTS is at it once again as they surprise fans with yet another collaboration.

The South Korean septet have only been back from their two month rest period and they’re already headlined a concert in Riyadh and are set two hold two lore final concerts for the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself era in Seoul.

Early Thursday morning the group announced the surprise collaboration with Lauv. This comes as a not so surprising surprise to their fans as rumors had been circling the internet of a possible collaboration since Lauv dropped in on BTS during their historic concert at Wembley Stadium earlier this year.

The remix version of the popular Ed Sheeran penned song interweaves Lauv into the verses with his unique vocal styling while the music video hits ARMY with nostalgia as we see footage from the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour from this year while showing the story between a boy and a girl representing the bond between BTS and ARMY.

Earlier this month fans were treated to a surprise collaboration with Becky G as J-Hope dropped his version of “Chicken Noodle Soup” not long after meeting the Latina songstress at the Billboard Music Awards so fans better be in the lookout for any other hints BTS have dropped while playing with photos of their faves.

Check out the music video for the “Make It Right” remix below and buy it on iTunes.