Emerging pop artist, Orchid, is bringing sparkling imagery with her charismatic debut single and accompanying showstopping dance music video for “Gold Dust”. The Iranian born artist splashes her otherworldly music influences onto her intricate electro pop sound, transporting her listeners to the inner depths of our milky way galaxy exploring a distinctive brand new type of electronic pop bound to enamor anyone who listens.

London based Orchid shines in the pulsating dark pop soundscape with her delicate variations of harmonies and vulnerable vocal delivery burning throughout the shimmering song production. The freshly released music video for “Gold Dust” finds the innovative singer at her most magnetic, armed with her own self choreographed dance moves, performing on a deserted world as emotional interpretive dance movements convey the many sentiments found in the heart thumping song lyrics. 

The sassy music introduction to what Orchid is all about sticks out on her storytelling abilities, bringing attention to many maddening effects on a relationship when a significant other is using drugs,specifically Cocaine. Orchid brings a burning light to the track expressing  complicated emotions on the slinky sound production. “Gold Dust” is a track that demands one’s attention to Orchid’s fearless storytelling will leave you with a grand appetite to hear more stories from the innovative artist.

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