Its been about a week since BTS returned from their much deserved vacation period where they got to be regular twenty somethings after working non stop for 6 years since their debut.

On October 1st, Big Hit revealed a schedule for an upcoming series of vlogs from the members which will chronicle bits of their vacation titled “BTS Vacation Log.”

Some fans may see the vlogs as “working” during their breaks but as longtime ARMY know, the boys love to chronicle all of their experiences and share them with their fan base. This was seen as they shared photos of their museum trips, fishing expeditions and selfies from undisclosed locations.

The first video log dropped October 2nd and features “Suga’s night fishing” vlog which shows Suga’s fishing trip in Incheon with an appearance by Jin.

Next up will be J-Hope’s “very important business”vlog chronicling his latest collaboration “Chicken Noodle Soup” with Becky G on October 3, RM’s nine-day Europe trip with his friend featuring an art museum tour on October 4, Jin’s fishing vlog on October 7, V’s vacation featuring his dog Yeontan and trips to the ocean and internet cafe on October 9, Jimin’s vlog of his adventures in Paris and Hawaii on October 10, and Jungkook’s workout session on October 11.

Alongside this news, FILA Korea has just announced that BTS has been appointed as the brand’s global models. Their contract states that campaigns will not only focus in Korea but also North and South America , Asia and Europe.

As the global models of FILA, BTS will release their first promotional photos for the brand early next year, and will be the face of FILA both in and outside of Korea. FILA hopes to combine BTS’s unique charms and FILA’s brand image to connect with consumers in a new way.

A source from FILA commented, “BTS has made their mark as global artists, and we hope to create a synergy with them as FILA is also making our mark as a brand both domestically and overseas.”