Indie pop, r&b singer-songwriter Austin Harms swims mystical waters with his latest single, “In My Head, the first new offering since his heart wrenching debut EP, “Blood” earlier this past spring.

The newly released single finds the talented artist at his most sincere yet, speaking about the everlasting effects of grief, searching for peace of mind and ultimately finding himself in the process.

 “In My Head” continues his bold approach to inflect sounds and textures evoking pure desperation to find inner peace. The effortless music transitions are emotions blooming wildly in a gloomy dry forest spinning the nostalgic soundscape into blinding ray of hope.

Harms’ production contains recognizable music elements from his past work yet he embraces a distinctive blend of intriguing sounds resulting in a fearless instrumental music canvas displaying his music making abilities. The song immediately transports you to Harms’ artistic world of nostalgia and relatable storytelling, becoming a welcoming escape to the everyday music listener.

“In My Head” is a stirring declaration of breaking the chains of your unhappiness, demanding freedom from your mind toxic thoughts. Harms successfully creates an overwhelming addictive anthem of perseverance and empowerment that will be staying in your mind for hours on end. If this is any indication of what Harms has in store for his listeners, the future seems endless for the LA based artist.

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Photo Credit: Tim Dehnert