Josh Jacobson is a LA based multi faceted singer-songwriter, composer, musician destined to change the music industry with his bold introspective music. The growing buzz on his talent has been unescapable since he first burst on to the music scene in 2015.

Coming from a deeply rooted music background of Jazz and Piano, Jacobson creates music with an sophisticated approach of sounds and textures originating from another planet. Since dropping a series of promotional singles, “Only in the Dark”, “Back &Forth” ”Let it Out” to the dusky slow jam gem, “Home” has generated an off the rails anticipation for his forthcoming new album titled “OCEANS” due out in October.

This brand new music era finds Jacobson at his most revealing, drawing back the curtains, letting you in the hidden world of dealing with depression and anxiety. Jacobson displays his accomplished composing skills by using his classical instrumentals to emit a bright light into his music. He elegantly speaks on mindfulness in a mixed colored spectrum, inviting his listeners to look beyond the smoke and mirrors without hesitation. We recently spoke with Jacobson about his approach to composing music, mindfulness, his recording sessions of his new album “OCEANS

From the very beginning of his career, Jacobson has dipped his fingers in many pools of different music genres, exploring a vast of distinctive rhythms and ways to express yourself in songwriting. The New York native’s background in Jazz inspired his passion for songwriting and music production. The birth of the OCEANS album is intriguing, Jacobson began working on songs without a clear plan going in,” I just stumbled into all this other stuff I’m doing now as far as I started writing songs and I got into production and it became this whole project.” This album serves as a form of self reflection for Jacobson, “I’ve kind of been through a few different phases, being really involved in the dance music world and more recently I’m starting to work a lot as a keyboard player, a live touring player, a percussion player.” He emphasizes the learning process this project is has offered him artistically, “What I have learned through all the different sides, sounds are a lot more focused about the songs and it’s all coming together in this stage I think.”

Exploring many art forms has injected the artist with a clear sense of clarity, “What I have learn through all the different sides, sounds are a lot more intentional, a lot more focused.” Jacobson reveals being surrounded with the LA music community has been a great influence in his artist development, “everything is still a work in progress but just being a part of the community in LA has changed things a lot, just being surrounded by amazing musicians all the time.”

The project is set to be thrilling with grander sounds exploding out of the box. One of the songs that clearly reveals this new music dimension is “Only in the Dark” featuring fellow artist Carmody. The collaboration began with their communication on Instagram while Jacobson was in the process of moving to Los Angeles. The recording session was brief, Jacobson recalls they didn’t have a full day session booked, “I had a place I was borrowing from my drummer temporarily, we were both busy and we didn’t have a full day but she came over, we got to know each other and jammed a bit.” They would spontaneously land on the chords that would inspire the song, “I had a weird sound loaded up on the keyboard and we kind of started playing a couple of chords and then she came up with the song idea, everything happened organically. I think it was an hour tops that we were actually working on it.” The pair were so in-tune with each other they continued to collaborate on other songs.

OCEANS” peels back the inner walls of Jacobson’s psyche diving in the deep blue sea floor with little to no illumination the human eye can see however Jacobson provides encouragement with his emotive soundscapes as he strips bare naked. “The album is really about mindfulness in a way. “Jacobson further explains, “I think a lot of the songs came together after I kind of been through some interesting and rocky times in my career this past year. There are some songs I’ve been writing, some of the them were a little older but they all fit this theme. Writing things more, learning to flow a little bit better, needing to be in control, a lot of those themes are centered around that.” The album was made in creative bursts with a couple of weeks where Jacobson would solely focus on the project and nothing else. This work pattern was the most effective for Jacobson, “I learned a lot about how to channel that creativity and focus and not over do it. I approached the album in a really interesting way where I did all the songwriting first and instead of doing what I normally do, starting a little demo, making everything a rough sketch of what I want it to sound like, I intentionally waited on all the songwriting and focused on the piano, actually I wrote a couple on guitar, it was helpful that way.” When the songwriting was completed, he would finish with the production, applying this brand new approach Jacobson made a song a day for two weeks.

Jacobson hopes his music serves as a form of escapism and healing for anyone who can relate, “I think about it a lot, why I make music and what the purpose is, obviously it’s fun to make music but a more real level all the music I’m putting out in this point is about healing and bringing more positivity in this world.”

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Photo Credit: Heather Skye