Just hours away from the worldwide release of TS7, Lover, Taylor Swift debut the music video for the title track.

Swift is a master of reinventing herself for each album and Lover is no exception as she has done a compete turn from her reputation era. Lover is showing us a softer and more playful side of the songstress and the new MV shows us her romantic side.

The video, directed by herself and Drew Kirsch focuses on the relationship between Swift and her Lover who is played by backup dancer and musician Christian Owens. The video was released just after a Youtube Originals livestream where she revealed hat the hide concept came from the following lyric from one of her older songs, “You Are In Love,” off of her 1989 album: “So it goes / You two are dancing in a snowglobe, go round and round.”

Swift also revealed she wrote the album from an “open, free, romantic, whimsical place,” and whereas her last album, Reputation, was “all cityscape, darkness, full swamp witch,” Lover “felt aesthetically very daytime.”

When asked how she decides an album title, Swift said it’s “based on something that has a nice ring to it and has a theme,” and she likened how she plans an album to “planning a prom or something.” She also shared that she thought this album was originally going to be called Daylight, after another one of the tracks, but she felt that Lover ultimately fit the theme better.

When asked what aong waa her favorite Swift named “Cornelia Street” and also talked about “Soon You’ll Get Better,” which is rumored to be about her mother’s battle with cancer, is a song on the album that was “really, really hard to write.” Swift revealed it was “a family decision” whether to put it on the album. “We as a family decided to put this on the album, it’s something that I am so proud of,” she said.

Swift also divulged details about her clothing collaboration with fashion designer Stella McCartney which consist of Lover-themed ready-to-wear pieces, which can be viewed on Swift’s website, and are eco-friendly. The collection will also be part of the Lover Experience pop-up shop, which will be available in New York City from Aug. 23 to 25.

You can rewatch the live stream and MV for Lover below.