Minnesota Born Electro Pop Artist WESLEY has been on my radar ever since his songs began playing on a random playlist on one of my music stream apps, Immediately I stopped what I was doing when I heard the track “Phantom Feeling”, it was jaw dropping. The current LA transplant collaborated with pop hit maker singer-songwriter producer Denny White on “Phantom Feeling,” the first of two new collaborations from the pair. The radiant track contains a blissful mix of 808’s beats with vocals reminiscent of 90s pop style commanding his audience’s attention to the song’s lyrics about feeling a person or something is always close by.

WESLEY’s gritty vocal range seduces your ears, pulling you in the interchangeable story of the lyrics. “Phantom Feeling” is a mesmerizing trap inspired pop track where it’s listeners go on a life altering journey with WESLEY exploring a variety of multi-branched feelings experienced when you shut close a old chapter and open a new chapter of your life story.  Not only does the song production bleeds in yesterday’s romanticism, the songwriting precisely conveys the whirlwind adventure experiencing an intimate relationship.

“Phantom Feeling” introduces the concept of an unfiltered look at relationships with realism sharing the mundane moments of a relationship. The haunting sultry track will surely replay in your mind for hours on end. If this track is any indication of what is to come, WESLEY will captivate the music sphere with his starry-eyed storytelling and out of the box music experimentation on his music productions.

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