Friday morning proved to be an emotional ride for BTS ARMY as they had a lot going on at once.

The fan base began the day by celebrating the 1 year anniversary of “Epiphany” by Jin and also celebrated 1,000 days of the phrase “I purple you” being coined by Taehyung.

Little did they know that they would be receiving an enormous gift from Taeuhying later in the day. Kim Taehyung (also known as V) released his first English written song by posting it on the BTS blog page. It is the first song sung and written by him that is entirely in English. Not only that but he also shared some photos he took and dropped an accompanying music video for “Winter Bear” which he directed.

In a tweet he mentioned how he felt about writing the song by saying:

“Here is someone who wrote lyrics in English for the first time~ #IWasNervous #BecauseIWantedtoSpoilIt #ButIHeldItIn #Lyrics #ThatIWrote #AfterWatchingABritishFilm #OnTour #Namjoons #Thanks #ForHelpingMe🤓”

Take a look at the music video below or listen to the song on SoundCloud.

She looks like a blue parrot
Would you come fly to me
I want some
Good day, good day, good day
Good day, good day
Looks like a winter bear
You sleep so happily
I wish you a
Good night, good night, good night
Good night, good night

Imagine your face
Say hello to me
Then all the bad days
They’re nothing to me
With you

Winter bear

Sleep like a winter bear
Sleep like a winter bear

Photo Credit: Kim Taehyung aka Vante