Summer may be approaching it’s end but the new single “Sweat” by New York music duo BAD will prolong the summer mood for an extended time, encouraging you to head to your nearest restaurant/bar and order a umbrella, fruity alcoholic drink of your choice wearing your boldest outfit in your wardrobe. The glittering funk infused pop track is a much needed witty, retro daydream filled with bright colors, crowd of people harmoniously dancing together without a care in the world.

BAD consists of Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman brilliantly bring their 90s workout Barbie aesthetic to the forefront masterfully blending the undeniable charisma and sensuality of the late great George Michael and Prince and the vibrant confidence of critically acclaimed pop artist Lizzo delivering a new kind of holographic pop. The music production is a precise noteworthy homage to the yesterday’s music soundscapes of the 80’s, 90’s and the 00’s while elements of funk and the current pop atmosphere explode throughout the track. “Sweat” is not only incredibly catchy but it has a inescapable swagger embedded in each song note that will ultimately have you craving for more.

BAD is a stand out music duo from many music acts out there because they are not afraid to think outside of the box and create feel good music that will give a boost of confidence to it’s listeners to embrace themselves externally and internally. In a world where society is deeply divided and there is no shortage of everyday worries, BAD is making music emits bright lights and positivity that will surely make your day feel lighter.

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