Emerging LA based Pop artist Emily Vaughn surprises her fans with a new all acoustic version of her emotive track, “Mine” originally from her spring released fiery song collection titled “Bitch Bops”.  The feminist advocate shreds the inner layers of her tough as nails exterior revealing a gentle interior filled with nostalgia and acceptance of letting go of a toxic relationship.

The new piano tinged track and accompanying minimal aesthetic song visual brings a spotlight to the earnest nature of Vaughn’s raw vocal quality providing a radiant glimpse of the atmosphere of what the recording sessions of the track must have been like.

“Mine” tells a story about love affair whose train has derailed headed to a disastrous crash. The acoustic version packs on the vulnerability and squeezes your inner core as it becomes crystal clear it is a goodbye letter to the relationship.  The track is incredibly relatable to anyone who has been in a one sided relationship, you can give yourself to someone but if the other person is not invested in the relationship eventually you will wake up from your love stricken intoxication and realize you can’t force a relationship that has only one person desiring it.

“Mine” brings a honest perspective of experiencing the painful realization of seeing things the way they really are and not the fantasy you wish to see (“Thought you would be mine/You just wanna keep me on the line/You wastin’ my time, you mess with my mind”). Vaughn is not only a inspiring female pop singer songwriter who believes women can express themselves in any way they please but she also shares personal moments of artistic growth and maturity speaking on stories of relationship failures while gracefully owning her truth, finding the closure to jump off the train of a love gone wrong.

Check out the Joe Desantis directed music video below.

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