If you’ve listened to the radio this year you haven’t been able to escape Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” which has topped the charts for the majority of 2019. If you’ve been paying attention to the fast growing popularity of K-pop you know that BTS is a second away from becoming a household name.

Put the two together and you have the “Old Town Road” collaboration you never knew you needed. Late Wednesday night, “Soul Town Road” was released to the masses and surprise no one saw coming. BTS is currently on a 3 month break from touring or making any appearances but that doesn’ mean they’re resting in their laurels.

RM proves this when “Soul Town Road” was shared via the band’s twitter. the “Seoul Town Road” remix kicks off with RM rephrasing the refrain from “Old Town Road,” reorienting it to the South Korean capital where BTS is based. Clocking in at just under two-minutes, RM and Lil Nas X switch off verses, with RM offering up his characteristic wordplay throughout, using a play on the word “homie” to refer to a popular Korean gardening tool known as a “homi.”

To go along with the collaboration fans also received a nod through the single’s artwork which shows two horses, with one of them being purple in representation of ARMY.

The song has already hit the #8 spot on iTunes top 10.

“Seoul Town Road” can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play