Pop Singer-Songwriter Nick Lopez heavenly packs on nostalgia with his latest single “Posters”.  Best known for writing songs for fellow artists Christian French, ASTN, Annie LeBlanc and gathering rapid fame in Asia with viral track 2016’s “Pink Champagne” The LA transplant Singer is ready to rip apart every preconceived notion about his artistry and songwriting skills with “Posters”.

The San Francisco born native dives into radio friendly pop waters, evoking wistful memories of simpler times and long gone moments. The new track is deliciously catchy and takes his unique brand of Indie Pop to the next level. We had the pleasure to chat with Lopez about the making of “Posters”, collaborating with singer Dominque on the track to his songwriting process and much more.

SR: Who is Nick Lopez? What is your story?

NL: I am a songwriter and artist originally from SF, now in LA, making music that I love.

SR: How would you describe your music style?

NL: Pop! I’m influenced by everything though.

SR: Was there a particular moment you knew you wanted to pursue music as a career?

NL: I’ve always known. There comes a point when it becomes something you have to do, rather than just want to do.

SR: Did your growing fan base in Asia reaffirm you were doing your life’s purpose?

NL: Absolutely. I needed that and it completely got me all fired up to keep going harder than ever. When you walk around the mall and everybody knows your song, you hear it playing everywhere, etc., it’s a pretty surreal experience.

SR: What artists, bands, songwriters have been your biggest influence or inspiration?

NL: Ryan Tedder, John Mayer, and this band called The Maine are my biggest influences.

SR: Can you describe your songwriting and music making process?

NL: I usually just start from scratch, create melodies, then lyrics, then work developing the production.

SR: What was the inspiration behind your newest single “Posters”?

NL: Honestly it was just a cool concept that came to my mind after hanging out with my friend Eli, who has all these old movie posters at his house.

SR: What was the songwriting and recording sessions like for “Posters”? Was it a unique experience from a previous sessions? If so, how?

NL: Well I met Dom (the other singer on the song) at our first session together and we made the song that night, pretty quickly. So yeah it was epic!

SR: What would you like your listeners to take away from listening to the song?

NL: I think it’s important to always remember that everyone is going through something, missing someone, etc.

SR: What can we expect next from you?

NL: More singles

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