OCN has been busy promoting their upcoming drama, Class of Lies starring Yoon Kyun Sang.

The production company just released a lot of new material including character posters, Stills and a teaser. Along with that we also have a chart of characters that links each one to the other.

Class of Lies focuses on Moo Hyeok, a top lawyer who is forced to go undercover at an elite high school to investigate a mysterious murder and save his reputation. After realizing that there is more to this school than meets the eye, he teams up with fellow teacher Ha So Hyun (Geum Sae Rok) to protect the innocent and bring the criminals to justice.

The two new posters showcase the determination of Moo Hyeok and Ha So Hyundai as they stand in the classroom where everything will unravel. While the new batch of stills give us a peek of both actors in action alongside the students that fill the school. Some are innocent and some are not as innocent as they seem.

In their first character share revealed by OCN we see the connection between the two teachers and some of the students that could be connected to the crime. First, there is Yoo Bum Jin (U-KISS’s Jun), the school’s top student whose father is Yoo Yang Gi (Kim Min Sang), a presidential candidate. There is also Lee Ki Hoon (Choi Gyu Jin) whose father is Lee Do Jin (Yoo Sung Joo), the president of Song Ha law firm, queen bee Han Tae Ra (Han So Eun) whose mother Woo Eun Hae (Seo Ji Young) runs a cram tutoring school, and Na Ye Ri (Kim Myung Ji), the school’s self-proclaimed idol.

Also from the school are murder victim Jung Soo Ah (Jung Da Eun) and her apparent stalker and murder suspect Kim Han Soo (Jang Dong Joo). Additionally, there are students Ahn Byung Ho (Byung Hun), Son Joon Jae (Shin Jae Hwi), who dreams of working in the finance industry, and Seo Yoon Ah (Kwon Sohyun), the president of the school’s broadcasting club. Teachers at the school include language teacher Shin Hye Soo (Kim Ye Won), English teacher Jo Mi Joo (Seo Yoon Ah), Dean Jeon Young Hye (Woo Hyun Joo), and executive chief Lee Tae Seok (Jeon Seok Ho).

Delving deeper, in Lee Do Jin’s law firm, there is Ki Moo Hyeok, Song Ha’s top lawyer, and his possible rival Song Jae Woo (Ji Chan). Outside the firm, Moo Hyeok has a long-time rival in Cha Hyun Jung (Choi Yoo Hwa), an ace detective. Ki Moo Hyeok also works closely with his high school friend Park Won Seok (Lee Soon Won).

Last bit certainly not least, we have the first official teaser which shows the duality of some of the students and what this undercover lawyer will have to face off with.

Class of Lies premieres July 17 and will be available to stream on the Viki app.