EXO’s D.O. Solo track had finally been released. On the same day as his enlistment into the military, the vocalist released the track he’d promised fans titled, “That’s Okay.”

The R&B track perfectly combines D.O.’s warm voice and the sound of an acoustic guitar as he sings about it being okay to let go of the feelings of hurt and that everything will be okay in time.

Immediately after its official realize with an accompanying MV, “That’s Okay” Hit the #1 spot on iTunes Charts all over the world as fans showed heir support to D.O. And thanks for the gift on his enlistment date.

D.O. was joined by his fellow EXO members earlier that day as he quietly enlisted in the military Chanyeol and Sehun posted photos on their instagrams with messages of encouragement, “Don’t get hurt,” and “19.07.01 WE ARE ONE! EXO, lets love!”

D.O. will take part in five weeks of basic training before serving as an active duty soldiers for he mandatory 2 years.

Take a look at the MV for “That’s Okay” below.