Los Angeles Alternative Pop band Saticöy unabashedly encapsulates  ineffable melancholy with their latest single “Nice To Know”.  Saticöy’s Derek Long deep dives into the dark abyss of remorse and grief addressing the death of his late father who passed in 2011. The haunting,  melancholic synth pop track explores ambient and cinematic elements creating a soundscape with intricate sounds and notes discoverable with each repeated listen. “Nice to Know” has an uplifting chorus meant for a live performance where the crowd is singing out loud, hugging each other, raising their phones with the flashlights on as the metaphorical  heart strings are pulled and tears are pooling in your eyes finding a light of hope.

Music has a way of bringing everyone together despite our differences. Music is a safe place to live in your feelings and emotions. Overcoming grief of a loved one is a universally challenging time and songs like “Nice to Know” gives it’s listeners a place for all consuming grief to breathe, a place to experience the crushing pain. The sentimental homage provides gut wrenching lyrical content capturing the internal struggle of finding the courage to let go of the past and honor your loved ones legacy by living life to the fullest.

“Nice to Know” is slated to mesmerize listeners with their vulnerable story about love, regret and death. The song is unafraid to strips back the inner depths of your heart and expose the raw sorrow one can experience during incredibly difficult times. The hopefulness emitting from the track can serve as a much needed reminder that with tragedy comes strength and light, you cannot give up and you have to keep fighting to find your way back to the shore.

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