BTS is speeding straight ahead with their domination of everything BTS related. We’ve often said this is BTS’ world but now the proven it’s true.

Just days after their game, BTS World, became available on mobile devices, the septet is dropping yet another surprise on their fans.

BTS have been teasing the release of their mobile game for some time now and the interactive game finally dropped on June 26, topping the charts in 33 countries as the most downloaded game. Add to that the fact that after passing level 1-14, fans would be treated to a brand new song titled “Heartbeat.”

The song can be heard in the lobby of hw game where you can navigate through the various stories as players become managers of BTS before the band debuted. Taking place in 2012 it is the managers job to put the group together and help them achieve their dreams. The game offers players the chance to relieve the beginnings of the group in the BTS story line as well as playing individual stories to learn more about each member. They just complete tasks to level up or squire items to gift their trainees to keep their health up, all while increasing their stamina, wisdom, empathy and support endurance levels.

BTS not only released this new game for fans but also announced it would have its very own OST with a total of 14 containing 11 new songs from the group. They began to reveal their songs one a week beginning with “Dreamglow” featuring the subunit of Jin, Jimin and Jungkook with a collaboration with Charli XCX. This was followed by “A Brand New Day” with J-Hope and V featuring Zara Larsson. Just last week the revealed the third track, a hip hop track which featured rappers RM and Suga collaborating with Juice Worldd, “All Night.”

It was announced that “Heartbeat,” featuring all seven members would be revealed June 26 along the games release and exclusive to players while the OST was set to drop June 28. Now, in conjunction with the release of the BTS World OST the group has also released a music video for “Heartbeat” which you can see below.

The music video begins by showing each member in the “what could have been” if they never joined the group. We see each one living their other paths but not being happy with their lives. As the camera shows different planets, different worlds, we see each member as we know them today, as part of BTS. The video progresses with both worlds colliding and is seeing the dual sides of each member before the worlds collide to become one. It’s is then that we see BTS go from trainees to the worldwide stars they are today.

The year’s not over yet and fans are already being treated to brand new music from BTS who just wrapped in their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Stadium tour prompting their latest album, Map of the Word: Persona, proving that year, this is is BTS World, we’re just living in it.

The BTS World OST is now available on iTunes.