New York City /Nashville based Americana folk band JD & The Straight Shot deliver an enchanting new all acoustic album entitled “The Great Divide”. The record has it all from sincere storytelling about human emotions, brutal social commentary about the state of the world to head bobbing rhythms with rich emotive harmonies and seasoned instrument playing creating a new distinctive refreshing sound to the country world. We spoke with JD & The Straight Shot’s Vocalist, Guitarist and producer Marc Copely about the making of their new album and what to expect on their live show.

Copely describes the band as “friends who write songs and tell stories” a strong friendship that shines through on every track on their latest album, “The Great Divide”. The core inspiration for the project was leveling up their song making abilities to the maximum music heights while sharing their own individual truths, “We wanted to write the best songs we could about what’s going on in our lives.” The recording sessions came together with an natural ease, embedding the feeling on the finished album tracks, Copely recalls the breezy experience, “The recording sessions were amazing. We had done a bunch of pre-production on this album so the sessions went smoothly.” The album experiments with many colorful music styles and textures, creating a bluesy hybrid of Americana and folk song collection universally appealing to any song aficionado. Copely describes how each band member brought their own individual flavor to their songwriting process, “We’re all songwriters in the this band so everyone was bringing in ideas based on where they’ve come from musically.”

One of the many highlights of the album is a unexpected spectacular cover of The Turtle’s classic song, “Happy Together”, Copely remembers the song idea originated by the band’s vocalist Jim Dolan, “Our frontman Jim had that idea and we all loved it. The version on the album is actually the demo!” The new tracks were made with a subtle awareness of how it would translate into a live performance, “We always feel we can’t get into layering too much or we won’t be able to represent the material live.” Copely says the most rewarding part of making “The Great Divide” was the unique dynamic of the band share, “We had a blast playing together and that always shows when we play.” Their genuine passion for music breathes life to each track of the album creating a timeless relatable music journey about reminiscing of past times where the world was filled with harmony and togetherness. Copely hopes their listeners will discover something new on each album listen,”We’d love to have the songs grow as the listener listens more often and listens deeper.”

JD & The Straight Shot are currently on tour with singer-songwriters Matt Costa and Matt Hartke presented by SiriusXM’s Coffee House, we asked if the band had any pre rituals before a live performance, “We do a vocal circle backstage where we warm up, go over any issues with parts, etc. We learned that from being on tour with the Eagles, and it’s really helped us get In tune with each other.” As we concluded our chat with Copely, he shares us a few intriguing deets about what to expect on their live shows on tour, “It’ll certainly be a show with great songs and great stories. Both Matts are amazing songwriters and I look forward to hearing them every night.” Catch us on the road!”

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Photo Credit: Caeser Sebastian