TXT has just released the teaser trailer for heir upcoming reality show. The group made their debut under Big Hit whom also works with none other than BTS.

Both groups have been showing their love and support via their socials as well as TXT appearing in BTS’s video “Bangtan Bombs.” Over the past couple of months the group has been gaining popularity after their debut with their first mini album The Dream Chapter: Star.

The group just completed their showcase tour with included an appearance at KISS FM’s “Wango Tango” this past May and now they are ready tho show the world their journey.

The teaser for their reality show shows their time during their showcase tour with the caption for the video reading, “The real growth phase of five boys which unfolds in the U.S.,” while clips are shown of the members practicing hard and having a blast while traveling. The video continues to mention the preparation process for their new challenge as well as their everyday life which is overflowing with beagle-like charm.

The clips also shows the brotherhood between “big brothers” BTS as they are featured showing their support as TXT is shown saying, “BTS hwaiting!” and the camera pans over to BTS who also responds in like by saying, “TXT hwaiting!”

The teaser continues to promise videos of TXT’s every moment without holding back, including mukbang (eating broadcast) clips and clips revealing their preferences as the video showcases moments of TXT eating and trying out adorable sunglasses.

“ONE DREAM.TXT” will premiere June 27 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!