2019 is only halfway through and BTS continues to make history.

Just last month, BTS performed at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles (May 4 and 5) as part of their “Love Yourself:Speak Yourself” stadium tour. These two shows brought in $16.6 million through the sales of a reported number of 113,040 tickets, which makes BTS’s concert the Rose Bowl’s highest-grossing engagement in history. Previous record-holders include Taylor Swift and U2.

Billboard reports that the tour’s U.S. stops earned $44 million by selling 299,770 tickets. The concerts in San Paolo, London, and Paris gathered an additional $35 million, meaning that the “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour has grossed $78.9 million with 606,409 tickets sold so far.

The group just wrapped up a weekend of festivities in Busan as they entertained fans in a 2 day celebration which will continue in Soul in a few days. After that, the next tour stops are Osaka and Shizuoka, Japan in July.