Taylor Swift is at it again. The singer-songwriter is best at reinventing herself with every album that she drops and TS7 is no different.

Thursday afternoon she shook the Internet by announcing her 7th album titled Lover will be released on August 23rd during an Instagram live session. She also announced the release of her newest single, “You Need to Calm a Down” which dropped at 12PM EST.

In an interview wiyh Beats 1 radio she mentioned that the lyrics were inspired by some of the dour people she met. “It’s about how I’ve observed a lot of different people in our society who just put so much energy and effort into negativity, and it just made me feel like, ‘You need to just calm down, like you’re stressing yourself out. This seems like it’s more about you than what you’re going off about. Like, just calm down.”

“You Need to Calm Down” is available to stream on all major music platforms. The music video will debut on GMA July 17.