Taylor Swift is back to grace us with some mor music. TS7 is officially titled Lover and Taylor gave details on what to expect along with the look at her album cover.

Taylor took on to Instagram live to give all the details about Lover wich will be released on August 23 (whose number happen to add up to the number 13).

“It’s very romantic and not just simply fanatically, like it’s all love songs or something. I think that romance can be found in loneliness or sadness or going through conflicts in your life. [The album] just looks at things in a romantic gaze,” Swift said of Lover, which will feature a whopping 18 tracks — more than any other Swift album.

There will not be one but four special editions of the album, all unique and featuring two audio tracks that give a peek into the creating process of her songs much like she did for 1989. The albums will be available at Target and her official site.

On top of that, Swift will be debuting a brand new track tonight at 12 EST titled “You Need to Calm Down” with the music bode debuting on GMA June 17 which is bound to be full of Easter eggs. We can’t wait to see just what she has in store for us this time around!