Park Hae Jin is back with more drama. The Korean actor is currently filming his upcoming drama, “Secret,” in which he stars as the lead.

“Secret” plot follows people with hidden desires and ambitions, each of whom harbors emotional scars from their own unhappy memories, as they gather in a special space called the “forest.” As they discover the true meaning of happiness and learn to love themselves and others, their wounds slowly begin to heal.

Park Hae Jin (Man to Man, Doctor Stranger) will play the lead, Kang San Hyuk, a former mergers and acquisitions who becomes a special rescue task force member and dedicates his life to saving others. Although seemingly perfect in every way and blessed with almost every advantage—looks, sharp instincts, and a brilliant mind—Kang San Hyuk has no memory of his childhood.

The stills released by the production company showcase Park Hae Jin at work as a 119 special rescue team outfit. Shooting, which began in May has been progressing at a fast pace as it is set to conclude at the end of July. No official air date has been confirmed yet.