It is officially June 13, 2019 in Korea and. BTS is celebrating its 6th year since their debut. The septet has come a long way from their beginning days when they made their debut with 2 Cool for Skool with the lead single “No More Dream” to where hey are at present day.

The group has been celebrating along with their fan base, ARMY since the beginning of June by sharing gifts via their socials which range from new music to never before seen photos and dance videos.

Just a few days after Jin released his self composed song, “This Night,” BTS also shared a beautiful piano version of Jungkook’ “Euphoria” along with a music video featuring the Golden Maknae.

The group has also shared profiles of themselves where they share their dreams from 2013 and where they are now as well as how they see each group member.

Today, on their 6th anniversary as a group, they shared video of heir 2019 FESTA Dinner where they reminisce on the past and shared stories form their childhood while looking on on what they hope for their future.

Along with that, Jimin prepared a video gift to ARMY thanking them for the time they’ve spent together throughout the years.

“Thank you for the birthday wishes to Bangtan

I prepared a little present as well”

The group also took over the worldwide twitter trends with the hashtags #6YearsWithOurHomeBTS, #6YearsWithBTS, #BTS6thAnniversary, #6YearsWithLuv and #방탄6주년보라해.

How long have you been an ARMY?