OCN has just released the first teaser rosters for the upcoming Korean drama “Class of Lies” starring Yoon Kyun Sang (Cleaning With Passion for Now, Doctors).

The drama follows the story of lawyer Gi Moo Hyuk who goes undercover at Chun Myung High as short-term instructor Gi Kang Jae as he wors to uncover the truth behind a murder case.

He stars in the new series as a materialistic lawyer whose entire life is upended when he becomes involved in a prestigious school murder case. In order to regain his successful status, he pretends to be a temporary lecturer and infiltrates the elite school that only the top 0.1% can attend.

In the first posters we aee the dual faces of Yoon Kyun Sang’s character, the materialistic lawyer Gi Moo Hyuk. The poster reads, “His undercover operation to find the truth begins.” Pictured on the left is Gi Moo Hyuk’s undercover persona, friendly and approachable, and on the right is his true self, sharp and determined.

“Class of Lies” is set to air on July 17.