BTS continues to celebrate its 6th anniversary with their fan base as the gifts continue to be revealed through the group’s socials.

Late last month the group revealed the timeline for his years BTS Festa teasing fans of the gifts to come which included photos, a brand new video for Anpanman and new music from some of be members along with the eve popular choreography videos.

So far ARMY has been treated to “family portraits” and a photo collection from the events between 2018-2019 and today Jin released a brand new song he composed.

At the end of his post Jin left a note to the fans explaining the inspiration behind the beautiful song.

“Hello, this is Jin
This is a song I wrote thinking about my pets.
It’s the first song that I’ve composed but I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it.
Next time, I’ll work hard in composing too and let you listen to a good song. Thank you ARMY.”

English translation:

When this night passes,
I’m scared that I won’t be able to see you

That utterly transparent gaze,
that ever so increasingly familiar touch,
as well as your face that smiled while looking at me,
now, will I not be able to see you anymore?

You’re in
my every passing day
I’m in
your every passing day
When that moon sets
and the sun rises,
the you who was with me,
will you not be here?

If I close my eyes,
it feels like those times we spent together will be brought back
If I close my eyes again,
it feels like only the happy memories will come to mind

When this night passes,
I’m scared that I won’t be able to see you
When this night passes,
I’m scared that I’ll be left alone

The band also dropped a self stage came video of Anpanman from the 1st concert date at MetLife e stadium in New Jersey, which was one of the he highlights of the show as it shows the playfulness that keeps fans entranced and in love with these seven men.