London’s singer-songwriter/ multi instrumentalist, producer Cosmo Sheldrake surprised his fans by rereleasing his critically acclaimed album, ”The Much Much How How and I” with bonus instrumental tracks followed by a brand new track release, “Dawn Chorus” ahead of his upcoming headlining tour kicking off July 10 in London! We had the incredible opportunity to chat with the London native about his artistic journey where we discussed his instant popularity his song, “Come Along” found by being featured on Apple’s IPhone XR commercial campaign, his extraordinary cinematic music making process and a few intriguing deets about his upcoming headlining tour this summer! The Rising Cosmo

Sheldrake began realizing his passion for music was something worth pursuing as a career in many moments over the course of his journey, Sheldrake remembers it definitely grew a little organically. But there were a few moments along the way that were more significant than others.”

In the fall of 2018, the world for Sheldrake would never be the same. The Apple iPhone XR commercial campaign featured Sheldrake’s song, “Come Along”, a colorful, psychedelic otherworldly track that exploded Sheldrake with instant fame as the track went viral on various music streaming platforms. Sheldrake remembers being surprised over the reaction the song received, “Incredibly surreal! I always find that side of things so strange as so much is happening but totally out of sight if you know what I mean. Thousands of people are listening to things all over the world, but totally invisibly to me. So it has this strange feeling that lots of things are happening but you just don’t know what and where.”

Sounds and Music Making

Sheldrake’s unique song making style involves textures and rhythms of the sounds that inspire his idea. “They are both one and the same process a lot of the time. I write and compose while I produce. Much of the music I make emerges from the sounds I use. It is the textures and rhythms of the sounds that give rise to melody ideas and even to lyrical ideas.” Being a seasoned instrumentalist, Sheldrake welcomes experimentation and improvisation when composing music by thinking outside the box and using natural sounds to lead the way. ”As I have never really written for a traditional guitar band set up or anything like that when I hear things in my head it is very rarely for guitar or bass or drum kit, its often for some woodwind, or brass or particular tune percussion sound. I often think in terms of a particular sound of a particular type of choir from a particular era of music or something, more in terms of textures and feelings than instrumentation.”

Sheldrake found himself intrigued when he listened to the instrumental tracks from his “The Much Much How How and I” album and began considering releasing them for his listeners to enjoy the song arrangements more deeply. “I found it interesting listening to them like that as there was more room to hear the arrangements and the detail. So I thought maybe other people might like to also.”

Touring and New Music

Sheldrake’s summer is bound to be a thrilling one which includes his first sold our headlining North American tour. We asked him if there was anything he would share about his forthcoming tour and he’d tease about having sunflower dancers: “Oohhh don’t know, at some points I will have some sunflower dancers. Other than that I guess I am still figuring out exactly what’s going to happen.” Sheldrake shares that his live pre rituals does include prayer, “Nothing very strict, I think the only one really is trying to find a quiet moment for a second before going on stage and just trying to ground and presence myself, I often pray or ask for inspiration.” Sheldrake aspires to leave concert goers inspired to be themselves when they attend his shows,”I hope that people will feel inspired and motivated to express themselves in an honest and creative way.”

As we conclude our chat, he promises more nature driven music on the way; “Not too sure, I am trying to finish up a few little side projects I have been working on alongside the album. Most of them are ecological in nature. Composed of field recordings and animal sounds. I am just trying to spend as much time in the studio as possible writing more music!”

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 Photo Credit: Zack Embree