Los Angeles rising star Elliot Jones delivers a wonderful pop track with his newest single “Emotions”. The highly addictive track will sneak inside your brain and will be singing the chorus all day along. Not only does the track have a lighthearted soundscape, it also empowers it’s listeners to get up and dance until the end of the night. I spoke with Jones about his music inspirations and how it inspired the story of “Emotions”.

Jones is refreshingly straight forward when he sums up his own journey, “A young teenager runs away from the Toronto suburbs to follow his dreams. He finds himself in new places and foreign lands. Sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it’s dreamy, but throughout the journey, he always has his love of music with him. That’s my (corny ass) story about myself! ”

Jones has separated himself from other Alternative pop singer-songwriters due to his willingness to experiment on his music compositions that any listening age group can embrace and get lost in the feel good vibes in his music. “It’s definitely pop! Which is now a more general term than ever but my pop is the kind that makes you dance and watch the music video over and over again.”

Jones possesses an unspoken charismatic quality, a steady confidence that explodes into his vocal delivery of the track. Jones’ music influences reflect his own secret recipe of unstoppable too cool swagger. “Recently, I’m really inspired by Olly Alexander and Years and Years and I love watching everything that Lizzo is accomplishing. The confidence that they have in themselves is so inspiring and the way they own their identities is incredible.”

Jones’ songwriting process is consistently surprising with every song, “I’m going to say the same thing that every songwriter says aha – which is that every song is different. But if I’m writing alone, I usually start with chords on a keyboard and come up with the melodies and then try fitting my words into that.” Jones reflects how his songwriting routine began to evolve into a distinctive approach: “I used to always start with writing verses but I’ve recently learnt that it’s easier and often more efficient to write a banging chorus first and then write the verses and the pre-chorus to build up to that point.”

“Emotions” was inspired by a experience Jones was going through; “I was in a situation that I was very conflicted about. I thought that we were just keeping it casual but things got heated pretty quickly and I think it caught us both off guard..” Jones didn’t expect the track to turn out as lighthearted as it was, “When I came into the session, I really didn’t think that the result would end up as flirty and relaxed as “Emotions” is, which was was such a welcome surprise”

The sessions for “Emotions” began during a visit to LA, Jones recalls, “I was actually living in New York at the time and it was my first time visiting Los Angeles. I went into the sessions with Mike and Michelle not knowing what to expect but they made it so easy.” There was a moment where they knew they made something special. “We wrote two other songs before this one but when we started writing this one, it just got us so hyped. I clearly remember Michelle coming up with the counter-melody for  “Caught those emotions” that’s layered on top in the bridge and all of us freaking out over it. We’re all such pop geeks!” Jones confessed that he didn’t know the track was destined to be a single until everyone who heard it began telling him to release it,”There wasn’t a particular moment but everyone who heard it kept telling me that the world has to hear this song! I always loved the song but it was really that push from my friends that made me believe I have to put this one out.”

Elliot Jones hopes his listeners have a enjoyable time listening to the song,”I think that the song has that really undeniably chill vibe so I’d really like listeners to come away from the song in a really positive head space. There’s something really dreamy about the production, that sounds like falling in love to me. Like it’s your first crush and you’ve caught emotions and it’s just a whole new world.”

As we end our conversation, Jones promises more music that will explore unseen sides of his artistry,”I have been writing so much music that I’m really eager to put out. It’s a pretty different direction than anything I’ve put out before so I’m really excited to get people’s reactions. I’m such an impatient person so it’s going to drive me crazy til I get them out of my system!”

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Photo Credit: Justin Gilbert