Nashville’s singer-songwriter Mary Moore is bringing her own fascinating rock blended folk pop to the music masses. Moore recently released her newest single, “Map My Body”, a tranquil blend of folk infused pop track. We were granted an incredible opportunity to chat with Moore about her musical beginnings, her life changing move to Nashville and her unforgettable experience making her new song “Map My Body”.

The Beginning

Moore’s love affair with music began when she was just 10 years old, “I was supposed to be practicing piano, but instead found joy in playing chords and singing little thoughts with a new melody I was creating in the moment, opposed to playing what had already been sung/created before. My love of songwriting and creating was born then, and it never stopped.” From that point on, Moore was enamoured with writing songs, “For most of my life, I ran home to my piano to write music after school, and it became my stress release. Over the years I began understanding the power of song. In addition to songwriting, I drenched my life with music.”

Moore recalls her time in high school where she participated in many activities involving music; “I was in my high school’s show choir, marching band, wind ensemble, musicals, and I danced with a studio outside of school. I also joined a classic rock and roll cover band and we played around Virginia most weekends. I fell in love with rock music, and the way it could make you feel so big and energetic at the same time.” After graduating high school, Moore attended the University of Charlottesville and became a member and the music director of an all female acapella group, The Virginia Belles.  Moore describes how joining the group made her discover her love for pop music, “In this group, we covered mainly pop songs, which vocally felt like an entirely different animal from classic rock. I started falling in love with the catchiness of pop music, and a sweet/softness that was missing in a lot of classic rock music. Our group got to tour around the country, and I learned so much about the music theory behind songs since I was arranging for the group.”

Moore’s planned journey would crash to a tumultuous halt when an unexpected idea crossed through her mind, to move to Nashville, “At college, I was double majoring in Business and Environmental Sustainability, and most of my life, surrounded by practical people, I was told music wasn’t really an option. In my final year at school, I was in a really unhealthy mental state, and I had one thought pop into my head – “I am going to move to Nashville and become an artist.” It was the first thought in months that brought me joy, and even as the practical, rational part of my brain doubted me, the overcoming, unstoppable excitement I felt about pursuing music became all encompassing. After graduating in 2017, I moved to Nashville.”

Moving to Nashville

Nashville helped Moore hone in her storytelling skills by performing at open mics and getting invited to perform live at the Lighting 100 station. Her music making began in the summer of 2018 and she remembers how this particular moment defined her musical path she is currently on. “In June 2018, I released my first single as an artist “The Sinner”, and the song was played on WNRN and BMR radio. In November 2018, I released my second single “Hesitant Kiss”, and the song has reached 25K streams on Spotify. After releasing Hesitant Kiss, I went back into the studio to record more music – which brings us to “Map My Body”.”

At first listen, Moore’s music is vastly complex to place it on a single music category or genre, however it captures your attention with her unusual vocal range oozing tender emotion with daring storytelling. Moore confesses her music style is interwoven with vivid nature imagery with a carefree music atmosphere, “I would describe my music as Bohemian-Pop music – music that makes you want to dance around a bonfire under the stars. My music is the wild flowers and vines overtaking an old building- wild and unstopabble, There is something big and energetic about my songs, like classic rock music – but also a sweetness/sensualness. My music is a blend of Folk, Americana, and indie-pop, but with some big rock-esque vocals.”

The Making of Map My Body

The song shines a spotlight on Moore’s beyond her years songwriting skills gushing sparkling imagery. The superior track becomes inescapable when Moore sings the ultra catchy chorus on the calming pop track and leaving you with overwhelming feeling of being peaceful and content like when you experience a relaxing nap at the beach.

Moore shares her inspiration for the song was largely influenced by passion for nature, “Map My Body was inspired by a night shared with another person, and the lyrics were driven by my love of nature. I think there is something so beautiful about the unknown and uncharted, and when you first begin to explore another person, you sometimes find things out about them, and they find things out about you, that no one has ever seen before.” Moore began writing the lyrics about that special night when she ran into her song hook “I was first just writing lyrics about the night, and then stumbled upon the hook of the song “Come Map My Body Out”, and then I started thinking about how beautiful maps and cartography are. I loved the idea of comparing a lover to an explorer, and my body to an unconquered land. I’ve always been obsessed with forest, trees, mountains, and all ourdoor lands and I wanted to write a song that made you wanna be outside dancing!”

The recording sessions were a wonderful experience for Moore, she describes how much she enjoyed the session with her music producers: “I recorded this song with Collin Pastore and Jake Finch at Trace Horse Studio. I wanted the song to be drum heavy and dancing, and both of those guys are so talented and really brought the song to life. I love listening to this song and hearing all the tiny little parts that we’ve slowly added in, and I am in awe with both of their talents as producers.” Moore would also explore her vocal abilities on the track, “Recording this song vocally was also so fun! At the end of the song, the guys just let me riff around and belt as much as I wanted too. It was so freeing and I was hitting high notes I didn’t even know I could sing.”

With an unconventional song tempo, the track has a near perfect balance of bringing attention to the pure emotion of the vocals and message it’s conveying through out the well produced soundscape. Moore explains why the tempo presented a dilemma in the beginning of the music making process, “The most challenging part and rewarding part of the track was the tempo. We were all nervous it was too slow when we first listened to rough mixes, but Collin and Jake worked MAGIC to make the recorded tempo feel so good and groovey. It gives the song room to breathe and lets the lyrics shine through, and I love how filled in the rest of the song gets to really make it a dance jam. I think there is such a mentality to make things as fast as they can be, but I love how unique this song is now because of the tempo. I also think Collin and Jake got so creative with the mixing to make the tempo work, and I freaking love how it feels.”

Moore hopes her listeners find a sense of comfort and liberation listening to a song she really enjoyed making, “When you are lonely and broken – come as you are. I will love you. I will understand you. You are not alone. You are me, and I am you. I hope these songs don’t just give you comfort, but give you the freedom to flourish in the messy and the darkness.”

At the end of our chat, Moore promises new music from her forthcoming debut EP due out later this summer,”In July 2019, I am releasing “Rooted Heart”, my first EP as an artist. The EP has four tracks – “Map My Body”, “Reaching in the Dark”, “Burn (Interlude)”, and “Redwoods”. The EP’s lyrics all have a theme in the natural world, and the songs are earthy, groovy, big, and inspirational.”

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Photo Credit: Brooke Greenberg Photography