Vancouver based Antonio Larosa is setting cold hearts ablaze with his emotive rock n roll music. Whether it’s his remorseless bluesy rock anthems or his stirring live performances at local venues, Larosa leaves a lasting impression to anyone exposed to his music and his latest single, “Hard Days” is no exception. We had the incredible opportunity to chat with Larosa about how difficult times played a major role into the writing and recording sessions for “Hard Days”.

Larosa is a gifted storyteller, he paints on his music canvas effortlessly with heartfelt lyrics and exquisite guitar playing. “Hard Days” is a beautifully written and produced soulful rock track about everyday problems. Larosa confesses the song was born from a period in time where his song ideas were not connecting, he recalls “The inspiration behind “Hard Days” was literally that title itself. I was doing lots of songwriting at the time and a good majority of the ideas I would bring to my co-writer Nygel Asselin were not that great and we both knew we could do better.” Not only was his songwriting inspiration suffering he also was dealing with financial problems, “At the time I was dealing with the financial pressures of being a fulltime musician living in the greater Vancouver area where real estate has become completely inflated.” Amidst personal setbacks, Larosa would gain clarity on what he craved to write about, “Through all of that frustration, the lyrics of the chorus popped into my head. “they say it’s just a phase, seems like all we got are hard days” I felt like I had something that was relatable and true to what myself and a majority of millennials are dealing with in Vancouver area. I was also writing ideas to bring to my producer and co-writer Nygel Asselin and the songs were ok but, not up to our standards. Through all that frustration and the “hard day” I was dealing with, the chorus came to me. I quickly drove to Nygel’s studio, where we finished writing the song and recorded the demo.”

After getting through that complicated hurdle, the sessions became easygoing and delightful. Larosa describes how effortless it was to finish the track, “The sessions were awesome. We had some really talented local musicians play on the track. Flavio Cirillo on Drums, Darren Parris on Bass, and Brendan Waters on the organ. The amazing Dawn Pemberton came in and took the song to the next level. She was exactly what the song needed. Her soulful harmonies and our call-response portion of the song is my favourite piece of the song.”

The track gives a sense of community for it’s listeners as Larosa thrives to shares stories without the colored rose glasses attached to them. “The personal story attached to it in the lyrics definitely contains a lot of the meaning to me. It’s also a great reminder that everyone deals with hardship and love is more powerful than all of that.” The song leaps blindly to a ocean of filled with hope and leaves you reenergized to find your inner strength to move past the darkness. LaRosa aimed to write a song that would be therapeutic for him but importantly for his fans, “That was completely our intention. When I and Nygel were writing it we didn’t want to shy away from the message. I think the fact that it was a topic people may try to hide made the writing session almost like a therapy session. We wanted to write something that everyone can relate to and possibly bring people together because of it. We wanted the song to have an uplifting musical arrangement with the relatable message to allow the listener to feel accepted.”

In a society is often expected to portray one has the perfect life with glamorous photos and witty Instagram stories, it’s admirable for artists like Larosa to break the expectations and show the world he is a human being that goes through the ups and downs of life like you and me. Larosa is a firm believer that love conquers all, “I want them to take away that everyone deals with hard days. Nobody should be ashamed of that. Lots of forces stand in our way and sometimes we can’t explain understand or explain them. The shimmering light at the end of the tunnel is you can tear us down, but as long as we have love, it doesn’t matter. “

As we ended our lovely chat, Larosa promised more new music for the near future, “I will be releasing some more music this year. There should song out be out every 2 months. My main goal is to keep honing my craft and have people discover my music and enjoy it.”

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Photo Credit: Kaja Jean Photography