Nashville’s Country Pop Singer Songwriter Rachel Reinert is destined to attract her audiences with her entrancing storytelling and memorable soundscapes. Whether you are an avid country music listener or casual one, Reinert flawlessly marries the sounds of classic country with modern pop conceiving a universally addicting form of Country Pop or as Reinert describes it as “California country”.

Reinert is a seasoned singer-songwriter and former frontwoman from famed Country music band, Gloriana. Since her band departure, Reinert has been busy recording and releasing her solo music with emotive singles such as 2018’s “Dark Star”, “Cool” and most recently releasing her brand new single, “All We Have”. We had the amazing opportunity to interview Reinert where we spoke about her biggest influences to growing up in California to her biggest challenges in the music industry.

Reinert’s story is uncommon one, having been raised in California, she grew up with a fascinating, distinctive music atmosphere, “I grew up in southern California and was raised on all the music that came out of Laurel Canyon in the 70s -everything from Fleetwood Mac, to the Eagles, Neil Young and Tom Petty.” This life changing exposure would follow Reinert into her move to Nashville, Reinert emphasizes: “My native roots and those artists influenced my sound greatly, while the last 14 years that I have lived in Nashville has also had a profound effect on my style of writing. I would say that my sound is a blend of old and new.” Reinert shares her dream collaboration would be with Stevie Nicks, “She has been a huge inspiration to me since I was a little girl, and I like to think of her as this rock n’ roll fairy godmother.”

Reinert has also been motivated by other fellow female artists such as Grammy Winning artist Kacey Musgraves and Lennon Stella for their rare fearless artistry, “I love what Kacey Musgraves is doing. I love how she is unapologetically herself and it’s connecting with people, even without radio support. I also think Lennon Stella has a really interesting sound/style/look, and I dig what she’s doing. Harry Styles is another who comes to mind; I thought his debut solo album was phenomenal, unexpected, and super inspiring.”

Her new track, “All We Have” is a heartfelt ballad filled with endless vulnerable storytelling. The song evokes a heart tugging feeling as the romantic soundscape takes you on a leaping self discovery expedition encouraging it’s listeners to stop looking back to the past and embrace the future. Reinert hopes her listeners will connect with her music in some way,”I just want to make people feel something when they hear my music, and I want the deeper meanings and messages in my songs to connect.”

For most of the world, we see artists living the perfect life while traveling the world and regard them as supernatural humans but we forget they are humans that have their own everyday challenges. I asked Reinert what are her own challenges,”I think for me, it’s about not comparing my career to other artist’s careers. It’s very easy to get caught up and get down on yourself, especially today with social media. I have had to learn to trust in my own path and not get upset when I’m not getting the same opportunities as someone else.” Reinert shares a piece of advice for those aspiring artists out there, “Just be yourself. Don’t follow musical trends.”

The future is looking beyond lustrous for the Nashville artist who is influencing her fans with her honest songwriting and moving vocal range. Reinert confesses there is a lot coming up including a forthcoming debut album, “I’ve got some shows coming up, and hopefully I’ll be getting on the road some more very soon and finishing up and releasing my debut solo album.”

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Photo Credit: Rachel Reinert