German based band KYTES injects irresistible optimism to the disco pop music scene with their fabulous new gem, “Alright”. The quartet provides a tongue in cheek story exploding massive amount of smooth, charismatic and bombastic energy to the music sphere.  I recently had a chat with KYTES about their music journey, their music influences and the recording sessions of their latest single, “Alright”.

KYTES music dreams began at a very young age at 15 years old. The band members, Michael, Kerim, Thomas and Timothy have been longtime friends since Kindergarten and have been playing together since. The idea to start the band began in 2015, “We started KYTES in 2015, up till now we have played more than 250 shows” most notably playing  SXSW 16 and The Great Escape 17.  By January 2019, KYTES released their stand out “Frisbee” EP honing in their trademark music style. Most recently the band released their grandest earworm “Alright” described by the band as “the first step to something new.”

One of the most intriguing things about KYTES music is it has many colorful musical layers, hard to define or categorize into a specific genre. The band describes their music as “Sipping on a spicy cocktail while grooving and singing along on a hot summer’s day”.  Their diverse musical influences such as The Beatles and The Police are undeniably present in their own music, creating music that pushes the music boundaries, “It all started with The Beatles of course, then continued with The Police for us and then went in all kinds of directions. We try to be as open as possible to every kind of music.” KYTES note they heavily influenced by their fellow contemporary artists such as Mark Ronson and Sam Fender, “At the moment we enjoy the artists Sam Fender, Anderson Paak, Mark Ronson, Vampire Weekend and the Foals.”

KYTES expresses how unpredictable their songwriting process is for each song; “It varies as much as our songs do. Inspiration often begins with a simple lyric line running around our heads, or a melody or even a drum beat can trigger the birth of a new song. It can be a fast and instantaneous process and within a few hours there’s a new song. On other occasions we work on an idea for days or weeks and then let it rest till we’re in the right head space to complete it. “ They further elaborate on what’s really essential when writing a song, ”There’s no perfect recipe to songwriting it’s more about having the right atmosphere and mindset.

“Alright” is a sparkling disco pop party track with a alluring hip shaking inducing soundscape wrapped magnificently with too cool for you vocals. The pristine songwriting takes KYTES’ unique brand of dance pop to an unseen level of open ended interpretation storytelling hypnotizing their listeners immediately. “There are a lot of viewpoints to what “Alright” really means. Basically for us it’s ‘I’m alright – I’m okay’ – be different, be yourself – that’s alright.” KYTES further clarifies how irony is a unescapable  element to the overall effect to the song, “The lyrics are an ironic take on that idea. The danceable fun loving backing track helps convey this message.”

The making of the track was not an easy one, the band spent the recording session jamming around without a clear idea or inspiration. At the brink of collective frustration, the band was hit with a overwhelming rush of ideas, KYTES remembers the unforgettable moment that led to creating “Alright”: “At that moment nobody thought anything creative would happen, then bang, we came up with the main melody line and the verses.  We kept singing it for hours and recorded it as a rough take on our mobile phone. The next day we went into the studio and produced the entire track. It was very quickly clear that we would release “Alright” as a single. We believe it’s a tune that really grows on people and  a melody line that lingers on in your head….an ear worm.”

It’s a refreshing to witness a band carving out their own artistic path while providing a positive commentary on being yourself. ” We love the idea of music being an escape route for people. It’s only three and a half minutes long but it will take you to a different place. Plus the idea of being brave enough to be different  from the norm, but being totally Alright.”

As we conclude our chat, KYTES leaves us  with a juicy teaser on what the immediate future has in store for them, “As mentioned earlier “Alright” will be the first step towards our new LP. We’re planning on releasing the Album in early 2020.”

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Photo Credit: Valérie Schweitzer