Los Angeles singer-songwriter and producer Simone returns with sassy pop anthem titled “Game Boy”. She has consistently twisted the music industry rules with her versatility and in your face music production abilities, creating music bound to touch women deeply with Simone’s passionate stories about female empowerment. “Game Boy” finds Simone at her strongest with a silky pop soundscape, attention stealing vocals and relentless lyricism about taking back the power of society’s bias against women. I had the opportunity to chat with Simone about the inspiration behind “Game Boy”, her experiences that shaped the lyrics and her advice on how to handle people’s preconceived notions about the women in the music industry.

Simone has always been a avid advocate for women, unafraid to call out the music industry on their bias views against female songwriters and producers and her latest release is no exception. Simone explains how her own personal experiences found their way into “Game Boy”; “I was inspired to write Game Boy after many specific events along my career path when I felt overlooked for the value that I bring to the table as a musician. Even when someone has the best intentions, the idea that women aren’t primarily making their own music is so prominent in this industry that it’s hard for many to shake and is very much a part of the subconscious under current.”

Simone is filled with immense gratitude for the people who have always supported her, “I’m fortunate to know so many people who are incredibly supportive and open and I’m extremely lucky to have them in my corner, backing me up. I’m married to my partner in life and in business, who always gives me the courage and confidence to be myself and to make the music that I want to make.” In this day in age, there are a lot of female creatives who write, arrange and produce their own songs yet the music industry remain hesitate to give credit to these artists shaping the music sphere. Simone remains optimistic that one day female artists will get credit and be seen as an equal with their male counterparts. ”I also see the industry changing for the better, slowly but surely, and I want to contribute my thoughts to help the trajectory keep moving.”

“Game Boy” doesn’t hold back on shining a spotlight on rarely talked about topics such as sexism in the music industry, Simone describes how writing this track served as a form of self therapy, “I definitely want to give a sense of community to this issue while highlighting what it feels like to be on the receiving end. It’s got some sass and snark to it because that’s how I was feeling when I wrote it, a little bruised up and wanting to get back into the ring to win the next match. It’s an internal battle to keep your confidence through the ups and downs. I look back at that time now and feel a lot lighter because it was a turning point for me as an artist. I also feel a strong sense of relief because I finally got something off of my chest that I needed to say. I hope that “Game Boy” can give that same feeling of empowerment to someone else, while also building a road map for anyone who needs it.” Simone knew the song needed to be heard, “I wanted “Game Boy” to be a part of this next group of songs but it also has such a specific meaning and issue to address, that I felt it should have it’s own moment in the sun. I knew that as soon as I finished writing it.”

Simone shares the uncomfortable situations that inspired the story of “Game boy” where she was dismissed because she was female: “I have, like many women, experienced my share of being ignored, talked over, or talked down to, even if it’s meant harmlessly. I’ve been in a room full of people listening to a rough demo of my music which I had produced and written solely at the time, only to have a complete stranger turn to my husband and tell him he did a great job. I was sitting right there and my voice was obviously the voice coming through the speakers, I was also the only woman in the room, but the assumption was that I wasn’t a part of the general product.” Simone finds it mind bobbling how women are constantly write off as a pretty face with no abilities to create art equally as men, “The conflicting emotions that show up when someone assumes that I had nothing to do with what they were listening to, when in fact I had everything to do with it, while simultaneously complimenting the track… I can’t tell you what a complete mind f*ck that is (cluster storm if we’re being P.C.) This is just one of many instances throughout my journey and Game Boy was written as a culmination of those experiences that are all too similar. When you’re on the outside looking in and putting in the work, it can be painful at times to feel like you don’t belong or are being vastly underestimated.”

The track is a undeniable liberating  anthem that anyone can relate to specifically women, “I’m a naturally open, positive person and I like collaborating and being inclusive in life and in work. I wanted to write something empowering that speaks the truth, it’s time to make every industry space inclusive and not exclusive. It’s also time to stop underestimating women, let’s be honest it’s been time for a while.”

Simone hopes her listeners feel empowered as she did making the song, she shares what the song means to her,”Empowerment, honesty, and vulnerability all wrapped up. Taking your power back and saying, actually, no, I can do this whether anybody believes in my abilities or not.” She further adds, “You are in the driver’s seat of your own goals. As soon as you feel like someone else is steering the car, pull the emergency brake and get back into the driver’s seat, sister! You belong there.”

When Simone is not writing/producing music, she finds inspiration in the work of fellow artists like Zedd and Kimbra, “I’m loving Tove Styrke, Cautious Clay, Zedd (specifically his Lost In Japan Remix) at the moment, just to name a few. I specifically look up to the journey of Kimbra and always have. She’s a queen and more people should listen to her, like right now!”

As we conclude our chat, Simone teases what the immediate future might hold,“I’m currently putting together an EP, hopefully to be released in the Fall of 2019. The theme is transformation, allowing yourself to be the person you’ve always wanted to be and going for all the beautiful things you want out of life.”

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Photo Credit: Troy Tyrer