LA’s Alternative R&B/Pop artist Lostboycrow captures moments of bliss and sorrow from the past with a pair of new tracks, “Cody in the Valley” and “Santa Fe”, the album title track from his forthcoming sophomore album due out on April 19th. The pair of tracks trace a personal evolution for Lostboycrow as he reveals a new softness, crisp melodies and beats, evoking an ambitious atmosphere of sadness and humility. Lostboycrow and his dream team of  music producers dive into the unknown, charting new artistic territory by crafting a enveloping sound world while flexing his vibrant vocal range and songwriting talent to the limit.

On “Santa Fe”, Lostboycrow has never sounded more assured, he’s vulnerable and not afraid to dive deep into his emotions. The music production team of the “Santa Fe” album, Cody Tarpley, Cooper Holzman, Marø and Dylan Bauld collectively weaved a breath stealing music canvas of thumping elements of retro pop, rnb and jazz perfect for Lostboycrow’s contrasting vocal melody seamlessly beginning with a broken low whisper to a determined, chill inducing painful wail. “Santa Fe” tells Lostboycrow’s journey with vibrant imagery, stripping back a layer of his mystique artistic persona revealing that his own inner strength was all he ever needed to move forward from his past. The songwriting of the track is among his most poignant and powerful, particularly at the climax he repetitively sings, “You could be strong/I knew all along/Knew all along” over and over building up to a empowering, epic conclusion with a chorus of soulful harmonies and ad libs destined to be a magical call and response moment between his fans and himself on future live shows.

As “Santa Fe” implores you to believe in yourself, “Cody in the Valley” indulges in retrospection. Armed with Tarpley’s picturesque arrangement fashioned with a personal and creative confidence found in Lostboycrow’s songwriting leaves anyone weak at the knees. Lostboycrow’s riveting acrobatic powerhouse howls drip with undeniable conviction and nostalgia. For a fleeting moment in the final chorus, you hear Lostboycrow’s hushed vocals break with a deeply rooted sadness making you miss a memory you never experienced.

“Santa Fe” and “Cody in the Valley” are the most baring, lyrically, vocally and sonically off his forthcoming sophomore album. Both tracks have a way of burrowing themselves into the back of your mind after listening to them. The striking soundscapes swell and build up steadily instead of hitting the listener with an instantaneous adrenaline rush. Lostboycrow has carved out his own musical trail and has created a homestead as one of the cornerstones of the alternative pop and r &b genre. The future looks promising for Lostboycrow as the music world gets a transparent glimpse of his artistic evolution with every song he makes.

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