Just a few days before their big comeback, BTS keep dropping morsels that keep their ARMY busy dissecting what’s to come.

The most famous boy band in the world prod is set to release Map of the Soul: Persona on April 12 and the septet are keeping busy with the promotional schedule. The group revealed he next track to be revealed is “Boy With Luv,” a collaboration with Halsey. This was accompanied by teasers for the video that is set to drop at 2PM KST/PST on Friday, April 12.

BigHit also went on to release the albums track list, which consists of a total of seven songs including the intro “Intro: Persona” and “Boy With Luv” (A Poem for Small Things) along with the songs “Mikrokosmos,” “Make It Right,” “HOME,” “Jamais Vu,” and “Dionysus.”

Upon the reveal of the track list, ARMY was quick to point out the similarities to previous albums which show just how thought out their entire discography has been so far. As fans know, the story threaded throughout their last concept albums is far from over. Thought their notes the bad have hinted at “going back to the beginning” to fix the errors of their past and have happy lives. This is also seen in their WebToon “SAVE ME” (which comes to a close April 11, the same day Jin keeps traveling back in time to). Now, with “Boy With Luv” they do seem to be hardening back to the beginning as it is similar to “Boy In Luv” from their Skool Luv Affair album. The track “Make It Right” also hints to this as well as being similar to “Miss Right” from the same album.

Further, the tack “Mikrokosmos” which translates into “microcosm” from Greek has been visually referred to in several of their music videos including “Serendipity” and “DNA.” Meanwhile, “Jamais Vu” translates from French to mean “never seen,” and is a psychological experience that is considered oppositional to that of déjà vu, and in this case refers to a situation where the observer feels something familiar is anything but. This too can be tied into the events of The Notes and SAVE ME as Jin is seen to be reliving the same day but living out different events. Finally, “Dionysus” features the name of the Greek god most associated with wine and ancient theater. Interestingly, the album concept photos contain many references to this Greek god ranging from the use of grapes to accessories with this name. As ARMY know, in the BTS world, nothing is a coincidence.

The group is set to have their comeback stage for Map of the Soul: Persona on SNL Saturday, April 13. BTS will also be holding s global press conference via their YouTube channel on April 16.