Los Angeles Alternative pop singer-songwriter Devin Kennedy shows off his delicate side with new single titled “Something Bout That Feeling”. The new track brings forth the inner workings of Kennedy’s psyche when life’s obstacles causes unexpected slips and falls. Kennedy describes the track as a intimate homage to his loved ones, “The song is about the unconditional love of family/friends and includes a piano sample of my grandfather, who passed away in 97′, recorded to cassette in the 80s, that I restored and re-mastered to use in this track.”

“Something Bout That Feeling” shares a wholehearted story of needing reminders of fleeting past happy moments while admitting self sabotage takes an important role in affecting his state of mind with emotive lyrics such as “I overcomplicate/I underestimate/How easy it is to live like this/Feel better if I take my time…” as the track ascends to it’s hopeful conclusion. Kennedy’s vocal range mesmerizes your ear drums immediately pulling you in the sympathetic story. The song reassures listeners that all you need is the unconditional understanding and support from your loved ones to endure your darkest hour.

The melancholic pop track oozes a heavy dose of resilience bound to leave you with a everlasting impression of Kennedy’s pristine songwriting abilities. Kennedy has masterly created his own space in the music sphere by crafting intriguing soundscapes dripping with genuine lyrics about the many complex facets of life. Anyone can write a good song however the songs that endure the test of time are songs like “Something Bout That Feeling” which remove the rose colored lenses of the preconceived motion of life, baring their gritty stories for the world to see.

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