Rising pop songstress Emily Vaughn’s latest new track “Pieces” is a undeniably sticky-sweet pop groove begging for repeated plays. The tongue in cheek track is the second single of Vaughn’s forthcoming debut EP, “Bitch Bops” due out on April 26! The L.A. based artist  blasts her spunky, youthful energy to the irresistible synth pop production by frequent music collaborator, producer Gazzo, transporting you to a world where dancing in high heeled boots is a welcome requirement.

Vaughn effortlessly inspires generations of women with her positive messages of female empowerment to not settle for less. The perfect soundtrack to uplift you when you are in a toxic relationship, encouraging you to explore your own self worth and unapologetically embrace your independence and sexuality. Vaughn makes bops dripping with sparkling attitude in the most charismatic way with a free spirited energy that bleeds throughout the pop track.

“Pieces” tells a relatable story of giving away vital parts of yourself to others and leaving nothing behind for yourself. It’s fairly easy to lose yourself in a unhealthy relationship but it’s difficult to step outside of yourself and become aware of the damage being inflicted to your individuality. Vaughn’s bombastic lyricism effectively clears the smoke and mirrors of idealistic relationships, revealing the cracks and imperfections hidden below the surface dangerously threatening to collapse the unstable foundation of the one sided relationship described in “Pieces”. Being one of the most outspoken pioneers of the feminist movement in pop music right now, Vaughn is destined to kick down the remaining walls of society’s standards with her eye raising, body swaying liberating pop anthems celebrating women power.

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