Alternative pop artist Jordan Xidas is coming in hot with his latest track titled “Steam”. Xidas’ previous track “Martyr” kicked started his courageous songwriting journey of bringing to the forth front stigmatized topics the LGBTQ community deal with on their everyday life, “Steam” pushes music boundaries further with unapologetically ode to sexual fantasies. The slow burning song will leave listeners with heart palpitations as they get transported to a sticky sweet fantasy land filled with a luscious pop music atmosphere encouraging to give in to your raw human emotions.

The new music direction brings out Xidas’ artistic growth setting free his sex appeal, experimenting with fleshy lyrics and a sultry soundscape exposing a mature layer of his artistic music dimension. Xidas shares that the song was originally intended for a movie, “I wrote “Steam” two years ago about a little fantasy that went on in my head. If I say anymore somebody might know it’s about them and I’d prefer they not! Really wanted to get this song in a 50 Shades movie but now it’s too late. “

Xidas soars beyond his signature thought provoking musical heights to seductive baby-making pop territory. The songwriting in “Steam” flexes and stretches Xidas’ skills flawlessly delivering a scorching hot story of lowered ambitions and hypnotic temptation. The inviting vocal delivery from Xidas rises up the temperatures fogging up your nearest windows and mirrors until the conclusion of the delectable track. As Xidas continues to explore his multi layered facets of his own brand of empowering sultry pop, he will undoubtedly have fans enamoured with his provocative approach to pop music for many years to come.

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Photo Credit: Credit: Sydney Cubit