Nashville based Pop Singer Brooke Alexx recently dropped her striking new single titled “Bored”. “Bored” is the second single of her forthcoming debut EP which also includes “Lemonade”. The headturning new track is a bold pop anthem about losing the spark of a new relationship. The soundscape is a ethereal music canvas of iridescent beats and attention grabbing vocals. I had the amazing opportunity to chat with the talented singer where we discussed her writing and recording of her single, “Bored”.

The song inspiration behind “Bored” is a rare take on the effects of having a relationship based only on physical attraction . The idea for the song began with a fizzling relationship Alexx was in, ”I was seeing this guy who was super hot, but never had anything interesting to say – over text, specifically. I would try to joke around and he just didn’t get it.” Alexx recalls she had a writing session scheduled that week, “I went into a writing session with Chase Coy (aka CHSR) with the idea! After we made the demo, it didn’t feel quite right, but I really loved what we had so far.” Alexx proceeded to reach out her producer to see what they could do to take it to the next level, “I reached out to my producer, Yuval Maayan, to see what he could come up with and he sent me back a DOPE track that is very close to what you hear now, and when I heard it, I was confident “Bored” was going to be my next single. I ended up recording final vocals with Chase again, and since he knew the song so well, the session went very smoothly. We actually ended up using some of the demo vocals because they fit the song so well.” 

The song serves as a great reminder to it’s listeners that it’s easy to connect with a lover physically but without emotional connection, the relationship is doomed to fail, Alexx aspired to write about this particular situation because she knew it was something most people have experienced, “I definitely think the topic is relatable. Just because you are physically attracted to someone doesn’t mean you’ll click with them mentally, and that is super important for a healthy relationship. The song kind of pokes fun at the situation” . Alexx tells me she hope it helps out her listeners, ”I hope the song makes listeners feel empowered to never settle for less than they deserve.”

The world is much in need of artists like Brooke Alexx, a fearless storyteller who is bringing her smokin’ unique brand of pop with universally relatable stories bound to captivate her listeners. We concluded our chat with Alexx teasing what’s in her immediate future, “I’m gearing up to drop an EP at the end of 2019, with one more single on the horizon before the big release! Stay tuned!!”

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Photo Credit: John Brown Photography