“It seems like a thousand years ago…”

“Sometimes the best we can do is start over…”

The newest trailer for Avengers: End Game is filled with a tone of sadness and regret for the remaining survivors of Thanos’ attack. The melancholic feeling is one that Marvel has been building up to for the past decade and now we will finally see how they’re healing.

The trailer comes with more questions than answers as we hear a voice over from none other than Peggy, Steve Roger’s longtime and lost love. We see people have changed as Hawkeye now goes by Robin and seems to be training his replacement? New alliances are formed as Ant-Man comes knocking on Steve and Natasha’s door as they try to peivw together a plan.

In the end, the wistful feeling turns to that of hope as the remaking survivors are seen united in an all new Avengers suit. Could they venturing into the quantum realm to try and find a path to the past? This may be the case as the montage of images depict our heroes in various different states within the past decade. Cappy at war, Black Widow with blonde then red hair, Tony Stark emerging from the cave when’re Iron Man was invented.

And in the last frame, Thor meets Captain Marvel. The cocky god of thunders May have finally met his match!

Take a look at the new trailer and poster below as you wait for Avengers: Endgame to crash into theaters April 26.