Los Angeles based artist and producer Aaron Taos returns with his most personal body of work with his newly released debut album, “Birthday Boy”. Taos is best known for flawlessly marrying pop, rock and hip hop together into a vibrant blend of highly addictive spunky grooves with mind boggling storytelling but on his latest album he takes us on a nostalgic ride of self discovery revealing an unseen side of the New York native.

The album is a jarring look at Taos’ surprising artistic growth since his past EP releases. He serves as the album’s sole creator of the foot tapping, moody soundscapes dripping with sticky 90s rock n roll influences. “Birthday Boy” begins with the haunting “Birthday Blues”, a track about failing to reach your goal at the desired time. The devastating emotions bleed into the rest of the tracks serving as a clear indication of the undeniable self searching journey that has begun.

“Denial”, “Control” and “Communication” deliver an exposing look at Taos reminiscing of the past while contemplating his future. On the head bopping “Dazed & Amused”, there’s a show-stopping appearance from one of Taos’ inner demons encouraging to accept being void of emotions. As we hit the latter part of the album, the tracks become extremely naked, on “Where I Belong” Taos talks about missing his dad and New York while relocating to Los Angeles. The next track, “My Girl,” is a heart-rending downtempo track illustrating Taos’ tender vocals dripping with surrender and acceptance of the demise of a relationship. The album ends with the previously released “Loneliness”, a stunning ballad speaking on anxiety and depression while masterfully injecting a bright silver lining of hope and resilience.

Birthday Boy” is an important journey for Taos who continues to push against the artistic boundaries put in place by society. It’s easy to write a great song about good times, on the other hand, it’s takes endless amount of courage to speak on taboo topics as self identity, depression and feeling uncertain about life. The album gives it’s listeners a rare opportunity to explore who they are, to accept that no matter what society expects from them, it’s acceptable to fall down as long as they never forget to believe in themselves because one day they will get up and come back stronger to take on life by it’s horns. 

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