It’s only been 6 months since the most famous boy band in the world released their latest album and BTS has just announced their upcoming album for 2019.

Titled Map of the Soul: Persona the Korean group seems set to embark on another branch in their story. After the finale of the Love Yourself series where they encouraged their fans to “speak yourselves,” it looks like they’re ready to learn more about themselves as well with Persona.

Back in February, when BTS made their first Grammy appearance, RM teased at new music asking fans to “trust us” and it seems that trust was not misplaced as their comeback was pushed up from a May release to April 12, 2019. The news was released via the group’s fancafe message board as well as information for preorders.

The album will come in 4 different versions, each containing 1 CD in an oversized package with a photo book (1 of 4 versions), Mini book (1 of 4 versions), Photo card, Photo film, Postcard and Poster. Fans can purchase a random album cover or select to buy all 4 as a package.

The news comes just 1 week after the group sold out the 3 US dates of their stadium tour and adding 3 more to feed popular demand.

Fans are you ready for their next comeback?

You can now aw pore-orders through the BigHit Shop, Interpark, Aladin, yes24, synnara, kyobobook, Amazon, Target and the BigHit US Shop.