“Ralph Breaks the Internet” arrives home with a wide-range of exclusive extras, taking fans behind the scenes at Walt Disney Animation Studios to explore how artists created the film’s vibrant version of the internet — from comical cat videos to the intense online game Slaughter Race to shady characters on the Dark Net. Features also reveal some Easter eggs — inside jokes and references to other Disney films and characters hidden throughout the film — and filmmakers introduce some never before revealed deleted scenes.

“Ralph Breaks the Internet” will be packaged and released several different ways, offering families the flexibility to watch the movie instantly and on a variety of different devices of their choosing. The film is available in Digital 4K Ultra HD, HD and SD and physically as a 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack (4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy), a Multi-Screen Edition (Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy) and a single DVD.

Thanks to Disney, we received an advanced copy to do a bonus features review for you!

Surfing For Easter Eggs
This feature gives us an idea of just how may Easter eggs are in the film. From frozen to Moana, Toy Story, Big Sheri 6, Star Wars, Room 113 and Mickey. see just how many more you can find!

The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet
The music needs to have a classic point of view that brings emotion to the film and a modern element. Here we get to learn about the score of the film which helps viewers get acclimated to each scene or location within the movie. Sound form be first film was borrowed and tweaked to c reate a new sound. It’s a blessing of the machine like sound of the internet with orchestra sound to show the classic feel.

We see Vanellope sing a classic princess song but with a twist. It’s her “want song” ever she’s singing about her favorite game. We get to see footage of the filming with Sarah Silverman and Gal Gaddot as well as the pop version of the song with Julia Michaels. Fans also get to see interview with Imagine Dragons for the song they wrote, “Zero.”

Buzztube Cats
This is a compilation of cat videos Disney has created throughout the years.

How We Broke the Internet

The producers wanted to expand the idea of the arcade world. Ralph still had more to grow as he learns to love himself and his journey into the Internet is a way for him to do so. In their research they were able to establish what the Internet looks like. Creating a visual reference of what the Internet looks like, building on older versions to crate new ones.

Netizers, Net Users
Net users are avatars of users being controlled with a mouse almost like robots. While the netizers are part of the Internet working and living on the websites. We get to see mor of the difference between these types of characters.

We see the different versions of this search engine from inception until what was used on the film.

In this featurette we get a fantastic view of how the eBay section of the film was created and also learn that when searching for auctioneers they found John Curtis to help voice the auctioneer for eBay.

Older Net
We see the evolution of Double Dan (the virus).

Slaughter Race
This feature shows the creating of the car race Penelope takes part in. Beginning by going to a real track to drive and get the feel of what a real car race would look like. This helped them crate the visuals of the cara moving through the track in the race sequence. We get to see Shank come to life as Gal Gaddot came into the picture.

Here we see the creating of BuzzTube similar to YouTube where Ralph was getting likes from creating random videos. We also see the creation of Yesss which is like a salesperson for the site. We also see the dark side of the Internet with the bad comments and trolling.

This is the place where most of the cameos take place. From basically every single Disney movie ever made. This is also where the iconic scene with all the Disney Princesses takes place.

The creators used the idea of Ralph slowly becoming a monster to personify it to create a super Villain: a giant Ralph made out of thousands of Ralph’s. Difficulties came from creating the facial expressions to portray the giant Ralph emotions.

The Goodbye
The final the goodbye scene was emotional because it had to show that things change but true friendship can survive that change. This was one of the biggest lessons Ralph learned during his growth.

Deleted Scenes
Here we get a peek at the rough idea for some of the deleted scene from the film with explanations as to why they were deleted. They include:
Into the Internet
Domestic Hell
Bubble of One
Recruiting Grandma

Music Videos
“In This Place”